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White Oak Elementary

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Dress Code

To maintain a respectful, positive, and productive educational environment, White Oak and LVUSD enforce the following dress code based on California Education Code (35183.6) and the LVUSD Legal Notification Handbook. pg 98.  

The Board of Education has implemented the following regulations to ensure the health, safety, cleanliness, decency, and decorum among students:

  1. The student's attire must not jeopardize their health, and safety or interfere with the educational process.

  2. Students must adhere to safety rules in specialized programs that may require protective clothing, safety glasses, proper footwear, or similar requirements. Closed-toe shoes with ankle/heel backings are encouraged. No sandals or flip-flops. 

  3. Students are expected to show good judgment, responsible behavior, and respect for themselves, the school, and the community in their dress and grooming choices.

  4. Clothing, symbols, or accessories promoting controlled substances, such as drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, are not allowed.

  5. Attire featuring offensive, vulgar words, pictures, drawings, or sexually suggestive content, as well as derogatory language related to a person's background, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or disability, is unacceptable.

  6. Clothing that is excessively revealing or disrupts the school's educational mission is not permitted. 

Clothing should be worn in a manner that fully covers undergarments and ensures private areas remain covered.

As a reminder, students should wear comfortable clothing to move safely and participate easily in messy art projects, sitting on the floor, and/ or strenuous physical activities.